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How’s Your Posture (Part 3)

By Rachel Coleman Scenes 1 and 2 of Jesus’ parable introduced us to two radically different characters: the good, upright citizen and the businessman of questionable ethics. Both approached God, but with vastly different prayer postures. In Scene #3, we get God’s perspective on who’s really OK! In v. 14, Jesus turns from story-teller to […]

How’s Your Posture (Part 2)

By Rachel Coleman Scene #2: “I’m so not OK!” When Jesus finished Scene 1 of his parable in Luke 18:91-14, his listeners were probably nodding their heads. Jesus’ description of a good, religious person probably sounded pretty much like their own accepted understanding how of a good, religious person ought to walk and talk!

How’s Your Posture? (Part 1)

By Rachel Coleman Luke 18:9-14; Psalm 65 We often make snap judgments about people, based on our observations of their external presentation, including their posture. Slumping shoulders convey to us lack of hope or lack of initiative; we perceive in someone’s upright bearing a sense of confidence and capability. In Luke 18, Jesus tells a story […]

Fall Renewal Conference is Full

Registration for the 2010 Fall Renewal Conference is now closed. The first ever event in the new Ministry Center has reached capacity, and the turnout is the best ever. Also, FAS is now up and running in the new building. Though there is still much to be done, the move was a success and operations […]

Move-in Almost Complete

After a week of organized chaos, the old office has finally been closed, and the new one is about to open. Monday morning, the new Ministry Center will be inspected and (hopefully) approved for occupancy. We will then be up and running in our beautiful new facilities! Pray that we would find favor in the […]

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