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Below is a graphical representation of the vision of FAS. It is inspired by Ezekiel’s vision of a “wheel within a wheel.” In the center is a symbol of the Holy Trinity (stylized from the stained glass installation in the Ministry Center) who inspires, informs, and illuminates every aspect of the Society’s activity. Click on the links below the graphic to read more about each area.

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Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this society shall be to spread the message of Scriptural holiness to the ends of the earth in accordance with the Great Commission. Jesus said that His disciples were to be the salt of the earth. They were, through His grace within them, to be the counterforce to the corruption that is perpetually at work in our fallen world. The Church is never stronger, no man is ever happier, and no society ever healthier than they are holy. God in Christ is in the business of drawing to Himself a people whom He, through His Spirit, can renew in His own holy image. The members of this Society, committed to the inerrancy of the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments and the power of the Spirit of God, through Christ, to regenerate and sanctify wholly the human heart, give themselves to do what they can that all come to know Christ, be confirmed in Christian discipleship that produces character and integrity, and enjoy the freedom and power that comes to those who are fully sanctified by His cleansing Spirit.  To this we commit ourselves.

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