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From every indication, our young people seem hungry for the higher life, and while we thank God for faithful supporters, we feel the compunction to win another generation in addition to continuing faithful ministry to long-time supporters. Too much is at stake to miss this opportunity. Recognizing the inter-generational transfer of the gospel is imperative in answering Christ’s paramount question with reference to the Great Commission and Christian discipleship: “When the Son of Man returns, will He find faith upon the earth?” Because of this, FAS is determined to capture the rich opportunity at hand to minister to the young people in our community and in our world intentionally and effectively.

One of the ways FAS seeks to serve young adults is to bring a unifying influence to the current fractured state of Evangelical Protestant religious training. Since the message FAS seeks to transmit is not specific to any particular sect or denomination, but rather a universal call to all people to surrender fully to Christ, we feel that we can help to bring stability and assistance in training among the many voices that speak to young people during their college years. We simply seek to open the door to a deeper, fuller, and more radical walk with Christ.

Wilmore, Kentucky is rich in its assets of young people desiring to follow Christ. The presence of FAS in a town of students means we have the tremendous privilege of enriching student lives, encouraging them on to perfection, and building relationships for the next generation of the Francis Asbury Society. Our ultimate desire is to be a “paraclete” ministry, in a meaningful synergistic relationship with area Institutions and Churches. In other words, we offer a second witness and voice of encouragement to students already in primary programs of spiritual development.

We want to do all we can to empower students and young people of all vocations to spread the gospel wherever the Lord sends them, and to be not only the next ordained ministers, but lay leaders as well.

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