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Ecuador Report 2009

Posted on | November 20, 2009 | Comments Off on Ecuador Report 2009

by David Harriman

Pastor Daniel Durἀn and I were privileged to represent the Francis Asbury Society in the country of Ecuador. Pastor Durἀn is a talented young man with a solid experience with the Lord. He has a lovely family and pastors a growing church in Mexico. We ministered together in the city of Naranjito (34,000 population) which is located in the heart of Ecuador’s sugar industry


Ecuador (population over 13 million) is a beautiful country of great geographical diversity, numerous languages and with an interesting blend of various ethnic groups. According to Operation World, 40% of the population is Quichua Indian of which 50% (in some areas) are Bible-believing Christians. Remarkable!

God Visits Narajito

At the invitation of the pastor of the Iglesia Biblica Cristiana (Bible Christian Church), I was invited to speak at the evangelistic crusade that originally was to be held in the city stadium. However, due to the electrical power outages Ecuador was experiencing, the event was held adjacent to one of the main avenues of the city. It was estimated that around 500 people attended (if not more) and listened attentively to the Word and the vibrant Ecuadorian Christian music performed by various singers. I also had the privilege of speaking in two youth rallies where young people made commitments toward sexual purity. With Pastor Durἀn’s assistance, additional bases were covered as we delivered the Word on radio and television, to church leaders, married couples, city employees, and congregations in the area.

As a result of the relentless efforts of the Ecuadorian Christians through fasting, praying and the raising of money by selling food dishes, God wonderfully blessed. Over 20 people sought Christ for the first time. Believers also sought holiness, inner healing, and were spiritually edified and encouraged. One highlight experience was the genuine conversion of a man who had hit bottom in his life due to promiscuous living, but who was wonderfully rescued and forgiven by the Lord Jesus.

It Could Happen Again

An invitation has already been extended to return to the city of Naranjito in a couple of years with the hopes of having a broader evangelistic outreach. Wouldn’t it be awesome if most of the citizens of this city came to Christ? Just think of the powerful ripple effect this could have in the surrounding areas!

One young committed Christian mother, after attending the evangelistic meetings with her daughters stated, “After listening to the preaching and seeing people come forward to accept Christ, it makes me want to become a Christian again.” How persuasive and penetrating the Gospel is to the human heart!

Thank You

Thank you for your prayers and support which still makes this ministry possible and to my wife, Karol, who “holds the fort” while I’m away from home.

by David Harriman


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