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FACE TO FACE: Intimate Moments with God 7/09

Posted on | July 9, 2015 | 1 Response

Scripture reading: II Kings 17:6–18

If We Confess our Sins

A Personal Paraphrase of Daniel 9:1–19

It was in the first year of the reign of Barack Obama, ruler over the American kingdom, that I meditated deeply on the words of Jeremiah the prophet concerning the calamities that had befallen our nation. Fasting in sackcloth and ashes, I began to plead earnestly with God to have mercy on our land, confessing our sins both individual and corporate. This is what I prayed:

O Lord, your power is awesome and great. If you had not promised mercy and grace to those who love you and keep your commandments, I would not have the courage to offer this prayer. How we have messed things up,
O Lord! We’ve committed every sin imaginable and broken every law in your Book. We’ve acted like bandits, rebels, and traitors. When you sent us preachers and prophets to warn us and call us back to you, we refused to listen. We’re guilty Lord, all of us: our leaders, our parents, our grandparents . . . We’re all guilty. Not one of us is innocent.

Shame on us, Lord. We are humbled, no humiliated, by our sinful ways You have only been good and faithful to us. And we have responded with brazen contempt! What’s wrong with us that we would reject you and the guidance you so lovingly offer? Shame on us. Lord, I know you are full of mercy and forgiveness, but do you have any left for people who have sinned like we have?

We are beginning to reap what we have sown, Lord. The calamities, diseases, problems, afflictions, sufferings, and disasters that have come upon our nation are simply the consequences of the choices we have made. You told us that disobedience would bring a curse. Now we understand what you meant. None of us dare accuse you of treating us unfairly. We are only getting what we deserve. And yet, Lord, we continue our pig-headed refusal to humble ourselves, turn from our sins and seek your favor. We go right on creating our own version of truth and refuse the Truth offered in your Word.

Lord, I can still remember how you blessed our nation in the past. You brought our ancestors to this great land and showered blessings in abundance upon them because they trusted in you. You made them a city set on a hill that was a blessing to all the earth. But today Lord, other nations mock us and even hate us because our sins and hypocrisy are so blatantly obvious.

So Lord, I come humbly to state the obvious: we have sinned greatly. Please, Lord, don’t give us what we deserve. Show us mercy and forgive our sin. I’m not asking this for our sake, Lord, but for yours! Have mercy on us—not because of who we are—but because of who you are.

I hope you are listening, Lord. Unplug your ears and open your eyes. Hear our prayer and see our misery. We know we don’t deserve your favor but we are asking anyway. Come and help us. Forgive us. Deliver us from our sins before it is too late. Don’t forget Lord that we are your people. You chose us. We are called by your Name. Saving us will bring glory to you! Amen.

In denying sin and evil, we actually
unleash its worst powers.
—Charles Colson

point to ponder • Judgment inevitably falls on a nation that refuses to repent.

prayer focus • “Lord, don’t give us what we deserve. Forgive our sin. Have mercy on us, not because of who we are but because of who you are.”


One Response to “FACE TO FACE: Intimate Moments with God 7/09”

  1. sue prescott
    July 10th, 2015 @ 9:49 am

    Dear Stan, Just found this site. I so appreciate the prayer I just read. I stand in total agreement with this prayer. Miss you and Katy. May God continually bless your ministry. Love Bud and Sue Prescott

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