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FACE TO FACE: Intimate Moments with God 7/21

Posted on | July 21, 2015 | Comments Off on FACE TO FACE: Intimate Moments with God 7/21

Scripture reading: Psalm 19:7–11

The Ten Non-Negotiables

A Personal Paraphrase of Exodus 20:1–17

Let’s get this straight: I’m God and you’re not. I’m the one who rescued you from bondage and set you free. I gave you a brand new start. You have a bright future because of me. This means that I get to make the rules.

First, don’t give your affection to anyone or anything ahead of me. I don’t tolerate rivals. So don’t mess around with other deities. That makes me really jealous.

Second, don’t try to make me fit your expectations. Don’t squeeze me into your little theological categories. I created you in my image, so don’t try to make me into yours! If your concept of me is wrong, the consequences will be disastrous for you, your children, your grandchildren, and your great grandchildren. But if you worship me as I truly am, you’ll be blessed for a thousand generations.

Third, don’t misuse my Name. Don’t use it for cursing or for punctuating sentences. Treat it with respect. If you trivialize my Name, I’ll hold you guilty of contempt.

Fourth, remember that Sunday is a special day. I’ve given you six days to get all your work done. So don’t work on Sunday: not you, or your children, or your employees, or your animals or even the immigrants among you. Look, I created the whole universe in six days. Then even I took a break! Sunday is my gift to you. It is for rest and worship. Enjoy!

Fifth, show respect to mom and dad. Even if they sometimes act like jerks, give them the honor their position demands. Trust me on this. Life will go a whole lot better for you if you honor your parents.

Sixth, no killing. I’m not just talking about murder, abortion and euthanasia. I mean don’t harbor hatred and malicious intent toward anyone.

Seventh, no sexual promiscuity. I’m the one who created sex, and I know where it belongs: in marriage (one man and one woman). All other forms of sexual behavior are going to bring destructive consequences into your life, so save sex for marriage.

Eighth, no stealing. If it belongs to someone else, don’t pretend it’s yours. Don’t take money, possessions, reputation, copyrights, or the answers on an exam if it belongs to someone else.

Ninth, no lying. Don’t say things about your neighbor that aren’t true. When it comes to gossip and slander, put a lid on it!

Tenth, don’t set your desire on things you shouldn’t have: your neighbor’s house, his wife, his job, his car, his boat, or anything else your greedy little heart might think of. If you are lusting after stuff like this, it means you are not lusting after me!

In the 1600s, Scottish cleric Samuel Rutherford wrote a book titled Lex Rex (“the law is king”), asserting that the law stands above the king and that he is subject to it like all other citizens . . .His ideas profoundly influenced the American Founding Fathers . . . In the new republic, citizens would be ruled not be men but by law.—Charles Colson

point to ponder • Do you love God’s law?

prayer focus • Lawyers and judges.


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