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We are aware that God is doing things in His world today that correspond to the kinds of revival one would have seen in Europe or America in the nineteenth century. Recognizing that FAS desires to be in tune with the move of God, and also recognizing the need to be in sync with the missional priorities involved in globalization, FAS is exploring ways to carry out our mission in the international context for evangelism, discipleship, and renewal efforts to raise the global consciousness that God wants a people wholly devoted to Him, living lives of holiness unto the Lord.

Because of the natural affinity FAS has had with mission organizations such as WGM and OMS, as well as many denominational missions, there remains the possibility through partnerships for our evangelists and teachers to preach and teach at a variety of international events. This enables us to seriously pursue our Great Commission mandate “to go into all the world and make disciples.”

In the past several years FAS has enjoyed the success of tremendous initiatives in Latin America (click here for more about Latin American Ministries) through the Harrimans. We are also well on our way to establishing solid partnerships in South Korea, Japan, South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa with a special concentration in Kenya.

FASI Area Directors

FASI Director/Europe: Jerry Coleman
South America: Jim Harriman
Asia: Paul Tashiro
Africa: Stan Key

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