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Since 1983 people in covenant with God and our Society have come to the mountain to worship, dream the Kingdom dreams together, study His Word, pray, fellowship, and cast the vision for how we can best participate with Christ for the redemption of the world. Every year God has been faithful to meet us. Please join us as a people who are trusting Christ in order that we may be “wholly devoted to God.”

Couples $540  |  Singles $393

To register,* contact:
Hemlock Inn
Bryson City, North Carolina
*Registration includes food and lodging for the retreat, except lunch on Day Two.

2018 Retreats — Save the Date!!

HEM18 postcard graphicAugust 21-23  & August 23-25, 2018

Our featured speaker is Dr. Chris Bounds, professor of Wesleyan Theology at Asbury University and chairman of the Board of Directors for the Francis Asbury Society. Come study the biblical understanding of sin and explore how Jesus saves us from it.

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2017 Retreats

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(CD and DVD recordings of this event can be ordered in our Bookstore.)
View the Hemlock Inn Retreats 2017 brochure here.

“The Francis Asbury Society was organized to perpetuate the biblical message of heart holiness—an undivided heart—a life ‘wholly devoted to God’ . . . to preach the gospel of an undivided heart, a heart filled with love for God to the extent that a person’s got his hands off, and Christ possesses him.”
—Dennis Kinlaw

2016 Retreats

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Pictures of the retreats have been posted on our Facebook page.
(CD and DVD recordings of this event are available in our Bookstore. Download the PDF handout here.)

Though many consider prayer as a means of escape from the pain and turmoil of this present age, the Bible presents it as a means of engagement. “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of,” said Alfred Lord Tennyson. Hemlock Inn Retreats 2016 focused upon the profoundly simple calling to a life of prayer, which leads to an engagement with the great issues of life that is simply profound.

2015 Retreats

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Pictures of the retreats have been posted on our Facebook page.
(CD and DVD recordings of this event are available in our Bookstore.)

Taking our cue from Jeremiah’s famous sermon (Jeremiah 18:1‑6), the purpose of this year’s retreat was to enable us to be better informed about the Potter’s purposes for our lives. It is only as we come to grips with how misinformed and consequently deformed we are and how conformed we have become to this present world, that we are able to discover the transforming power of God to work both in us and through us to accomplish his good purposes.

2014 Retreats

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(CD and DVD recordings of this event are available from our Bookstore.)

The Bible uses multiple images and metaphors to describe the richness of salvation offered to us through Jesus Christ: the courtroom, the family, marriage, the vine and the branches, etc. Each picture adds crucial dimensions to our understanding of what it means to be a disciple. At Hemlock 2014, we focused on the image of The Journey. When Jesus said, “Follow me,” he was asking us to do more than say a prayer, be baptized, sign a card or go to heaven when we die. He was inviting us on a journey-with him.

2013 Retreats


(CD and DVD recordings of this event are available from our Bookstore.)

The theme for Hemlock 2013 was based on Romans 8:31: “If God be for us, who can be against us?” The Latin words translated as “for us” are Pro Nobis. European Christians would often use these words as an abbreviated affirmation of this verse.

2012 Retreats


(CD and DVD recordings of this event are available from our Bookstore.)

From Sinai to Calvary, God has been calling his people to the mountain to impart his saving work to his people. He wrote the Decalogue, the Ten Commandments, with his own finger on the mountain. His only Son, the Living Word, laid down his life on a hill called Mt. Calvary. From Moses and the burning bush on Mt. Horeb, or God’s promise on Mt. Nebo with the full panoramic view of the promised land and God’s assertion that it would be his gift to his people, to Sinai and the covenant promises, to Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, to the Mount of Transfiguration and the Mt. of Olives, God has revealed himself as the one who makes promises to his people and keeps them.

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