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March Update—Latin American Ministries

Posted on | March 10, 2012 | Comments Off on March Update—Latin American Ministries

by Jim Harriman

Dear friends and family,

After coming back from Bolivia in December, the Bolivian Evangelical University (BEU) in Santa Cruz was still on my mind. The potential there to influence and change a nation for Christ is phenomenal! It is hard to believe that through the efforts in the early 1980s of the late Dr. Meredythe Scheflen, the first private Christian university was established on the continent of South America. Today the university has over 2000 students—and growing—with 16 different majors from agriculture to nursing. Their theology department has over 120 students. On the 60-acre campus is a clinic, which needs to be expanded to meet the growing health needs of the community, and a library, which needs to be updated. They have so many needs.

After arriving home, I called Dr. Tim Sanchez, president of BEU, to see if he would be interested in using me as a Stateside BEU representative to raise funds toward a university clinic expansion. He was delighted! So, a growing friendship is developing.
I also am planning a June trip back to Bolivia along with a couple of men involved in the medical field. The trip will be exploratory, to see the university clinic in action and how it might be expanded into a larger facility. Please pray that the LORD would lead in this endeavor and that He might multiply our efforts for His Kingdom’s sake.

I would also ask that you pray for my upcoming speaking schedule.


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