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The Francis Asbury Society is pleased to offer a large selection of messages by Dr. Dennis Kinlaw and others affiliated with the Society. We hope you will enjoy the ones we have prepared for you through our taped media resources. God has moved in miraculous ways at the many seminars and conferences from which these messages come. We pray that God will use them to minister to you as well.

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Dennis Kinlaw Resources (DK301-400)
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“Abraham as a Model of Christians” is a message telling Christians that Abraham’s life is a life God is calling all Christians to live. God has something better for each Christian if they will put their securities in Christ and not in the natural things of this world. God has something better but it is in the supernatural. God wants to give Christians the eternal kingdom and through His eternal kingdom Christians will find that they are put in big business because they are living for the eternal. The world will never give them the desires of their hearts when they place their hearts after the heart of God. There will be nothing in the world that will give Christians pleasure even if the world views the eternal-living living without anything. The eternal-living is living with so much more—God’s business, a Kingdom that’s bigger than any of our groups, and bigger than any of our normal loyalties.

“Knowing God” is a message Dr. Kinlaw gives on “knowing Him” and “knowing about Him.” Knowing Jesus is better than knowing about Jesus because, “knowing him” is having a relationship with Him. “Knowing about Him,” is having the knowledge of Jesus. God is good. Psalm 8 expresses God’s goodness because the writer knows Him for himself through the relationship he develops with Him daily. When we read Psalm 8 we can either just read this adding to the knowledge we have of Jesus or we can actually read this Psalm and deep down relate to it because we know Him for ourselves through the relationship we have developed with Him, rather than sliding into the ritual relationship of just having information about God.

In the message, “A Seal Is Broken,” Dr. Kinlaw is talking about how Jesus has broken a seal and has opened a door of opportunity. This message is about what Jesus has done for all of us and is also about the test that Christians walk through daily and the question of, “What will you do?”

“World Changers” is a message about following Jesus. When one follows Jesus, that individual lives for Jesus and puts his/her life where Jesus takes them without fear. Living for Jesus calls individuals to serve one another and encourage one another in the faith. Witnessing is a huge part of living for Jesus but witnessing comes through making sure our brothers and sisters in Christ are being fed—guiding the ones that need help. When the ones that need help are guided and fed, the Lord will use them to witness and the cycle continues.

This message was delivered at Asbury College in October 1970. The great 1970 Revival at Asbury had taken place the previous February. In that context Dr. Kinlaw gives insightful teaching on the topic of temptation, a crucial theme in the growth of a young Christian. He addresses the crucial difference between temptation and sin, and highlights the core issues common to all temptation and the best precautions a Christian can take to stand strong.

“The God Who Knows You,” is talking about Christ identifying with us. Christ has suffered and He identifies with our pain. Jesus is personally interested in individuals. He knows individuals by name. He commits Himself to individuals to fulfill His promises to redeem him/her. When individuals follow Jesus, Jesus walks with him/her daily and those individuals can bring Jesus to people in the world who don’t know Him. Individuals walking with Jesus can set people free from all bondages through the power of God. This is the work of the Lord to set the captives free and Christians are called to do the work of the Lord.

“Keeping Only To God” The mind of Christ is supposed to be in the mind of all Christians. Jesus died on the cross so that all could be redeemed and all minds could be filled with His mind. The supreme question that Dr. Kinlaw asks is, “Have Christians slipped and shifted from letting Jesus form His character in them or are Christians focus more upon themselves?” The fact is, Dr. Kinlaw states, is that life is what it chooses: you either choose your way or His way. Where is your center today?

This message was given at Asbury College to a group of prospective students at the 1978 President’s Conference. In it Dr. Kinlaw explores the significance of the college experience in shaping every aspect of a young person’s future. It also includes timeless insights into the complexities of choosing a mate and a vocation. Rather than making the pitch for Asbury, as one might expect of a college president, Dr. Kinlaw offers guidelines for making a prayerful, comprehensive quest for God’s will in this most important decision. This message should be part of all Christian parents’ dialogue with their college-bound kids. But more than that, it is a reminder for all of us how God moves uniquely in certain seasons of life, offering opportunities that may come only once.

“Paul’s Relationship with Timothy,” is a message of a relationship between an old man and a young man. Both men love the Lord but one is a mentor to the other and writes the young man letters to encourage him to be set apart so that Christ can demonstrate His power. Paul being the older man and Timothy being the younger man, Paul writes letters to Timothy with love and as a friend. Timothy faces many hardships but Paul’s letters encourage him to live that life of a disciple and not to neglect his calling but to flourish in his ministry.

Problems are meant to help us and to provide a way for God’s power to be known. Jesus’ problems were meant to bring people to the place where they believed in Him. If we didn’t have problems we would never turn to Jesus and people around us would never see the miracles and the love of God.

In this message Dr. Kinlaw talks about what is an inner want for all human beings. Dr. Kinlaw goes on to say life will never ultimately count if you don’t know God. If you want importance, if you want to be somebody—know Jesus. How do you know Jesus? Pray to the only God we know, Jesus, and develop a relationship with Him and you will find yourself finding importance in a world that has no place or reason because it is full of people seeking fulfillment in all the wrong places.

Dr. Kinlaw teaches from Hebrews about God desiring to obligate Himself to us first – then we can be obligated to Him. God teaches man that the world was unable to meet His needs and that man needs to seek Him for all his needs. Our daily sustenance should be the Lord Jesus.

“People of Privilege” is a message about how God comes to us because He wants to live in the middle of our lives; He comes to us even when we turn away from Him. God wants us to have a heart of peace. In this teaching from Chronicles, Dr. Kinlaw explains that when we have a hunger for Him and seek Him, He will give us a heart of peace.

In this message Dr. Kinlaw is delivering to his listeners the fact that God meant for His creation to use the mind, apply the mind, and to master over it which means to have understanding. There are flaws to the human mind because we are human but God intended for us to use our minds and to seek Him for the cleansing of our minds. Dr. Kinlaw says he is convinced faith and reason is what leads a person to knowledge. He speaks on the human mind rationalizing often as well as self-justifying often, but encourages us to use our minds because God would not have given us a mind and gifted us with a mind if He didn’t expect us to use them.

Dr. Kinlaw explains in this message that God is seeking for a generation that seeks Him. God will bless through Abraham the ones that do seek Him. God chooses the ones that pray even when there is no crisis because they’re ready and they keep themselves from the lifestyle of the world. Dr. Kinlaw concludes with a prayer asking God for help. His message is intended to reveal that Abraham’s promise from God is to all that are in relationship with God.

DK-316—So The World May Know
DK-317—Refinement by Choice
DK-318—Turn to Him in Times of Trouble
DK-319—He Will Walk with Deliverance
DK-320—The Meaning of Asbury’s Heritage Today
This message was given at Asbury College at the end of the 1987 Fall Revival. Dr. Kinlaw is preparing the students to return to ordinary college life after a special week of spiritual encounter and commitment by sharing the timeless keys to long-term spiritual health and growth. Although he is obviously speaking to the college context, these insights will help any Christian to find their “stride” for long-term faithfulness. In this message you will sense the very special relationship between Dr. Kinlaw and the student body at Asbury College.

DK-322—Profiles – Pt. 1, Dennis Kinlaw – Encountering God
DK-323—Turning the Sahara into a Rose Garden – OMS Commissioning Service
DK-324—The Presence and the Glor
DK-325—Our Fulfillment in Christ
DK-326—Bottom Line Commitment
DK-327—That Inner Person
DK-328—Pentecostal Languages
DK-329—God in the Third Person
DK-330—”Which Spirit” – Be Careful of Impressions
DK-331—The Second Work of Grace
DK-332—How Active is God In Your Life?
DK-333—A Look at the Whole
DK-334—A Window On The Mind of God
DK-335—Being Where He Wants Me
DK-336—God Has a Plan for Every Life
DK-338—A Changing Society
DK-339—Psalm 8
DK-340—Knowing The Ground Rules
DK-341—Be Ready
DK-342—The Life of Christ
DK-343—You are Predestined
This message was given at Asbury College in May 1991 at the last chapel service of the year. Drawing from powerful Old Testament symbolism, Dr. Kinlaw develops a picture of the kind of dynamic intimacy God wants to have with His people. He defines holiness in terms of getting the obstacles to this kind of intimacy out of the way. Living in the presence of God’s face is far richer and more fulfilling than simply walking in His will.

This message was given in Asbury College chapel in 1978, but it addresses the timeless question of where we find our security in an uncertain world. Dr. Kinlaw follows St. Paul, drawing upon the broad sweep of Old Testament history to expose the natural human tendency to find substitutes for God, in place of a relationship of trust and intimacy with Him. This message helps us make sense of so much that we see in modern society by exposing the fact that our current challenges are not “modern” at all; they have been the fundamental issues of human experience from the very start.

DK-346—Saul: Chosen but Useless
DK-347—Holiness Summit
This message was given at Asbury College in early September 1979 in the chapel just before the Fall Revival was to begin the following Sunday evening. Dr. Kinlaw gives a rationale for the integration of faith and education that has been the founding principal of Asbury, and also the Biblical basis for specific periods of revival set aside to tune our hearts and minds to God and His purposes. In an era when traditional revival services are becoming increasingly rate, or abbreviated, this message speaks with a particular challenge.

DK-349—Our Inheritance for a New Year
This message was given at Asbury College Chapel in the fall of 1980. In it Dr. Kinlaw reflects on the vision of the Eternal City depicted in Revelation 21. While many of our associations with urban life these days are negative, with visions of crime, anxiety, and conspicuous consumption up against extreme poverty, God apparently has a different perspective. Dr. Kinlaw invites us to consider God’s desire and His ability to give us a love each other that would make a city into Heaven.

DK-351—We Are a Priviledged People
DK-352—Participants in the Cross
DK-353—The Lord is my Shepherd
DK-354—The Center of All
DK-355—Basic Attitudes
DK-356—Evidences of His Presence
DK-357—Symbols and meaning of Communion
DK-358—Personal Testimony of Dr. Dennis Kinlaw
DK-359—The Commission
DK-360—It is He
DK-361—Seven Last Words of Christ
DK-362—Jesus Priceless Treasure
DK-363—The Cool of the Day in Your Life
DK-364—God Plus Nothing
DK-365—When the Line is Drawn
DK-366—Most Important Experience
DK-367—Make Your Chief Advisor the Lord Jesus
DK-368—Jesus Christ is Lord
DK-369—God in the Natural Things of Life
DK-370—The Will of God in a Person’s Life
DK-371—Revelation: Perspective of the Kind of World We Are In
DK-372—Revelation: Seeing the Whole Perspective
DK-373—To Know Him
DK-374—Wholly His
DK-375—The Holy One
DK-376—Centrality of Faith
DK-377—Elements of Paul’s Certainty of His Message
DK-378—Christian Check List
DK-379—Don’t Throw Your Pearls Before Swine
DK-380—God, The Consuming Fire
DK-381—Thou Shalt Not Covet
DK-382—Built Together for God’s Dwelling
DK-383—Called to Work With God
DK-384—The Work of the Master Part I
DK-385—The Work of the Master Part II
DK-386—On Death
DK-387—Jesus’ Arrest
DK-388—Palm Sunday
DK-389—Good Friday – The Death of Christ
DK-390—Lessons From Calvary
DK-391—Easter Message
DK-392—The Seven Weeks between Good Friday and Pentecost
DK-393—Know His Perfect Will
DK-394—Jesus’ Claim to Deity
DK-395—Jesus and Jerusalem
DK-396—Christ: The Answer to the World’s Problems
DK-397—I Want To Know Christ
DK-398—Our Point of Reference
DK-399—Holiness and the Law
DK-400—Life Through Jesus Christ


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