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The Francis Asbury Society is pleased to offer a large selection of messages by Dr. Dennis Kinlaw and others affiliated with the Society. We hope you will enjoy the ones we have prepared for you through our taped media resources. God has moved in miraculous ways at the many seminars and conferences from which these messages come. We pray that God will use them to minister to you as well.

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  • Each message has been given a permanent reference ID number that is necessary when ordering CDs and DVDs (eg. DK-123, JO-145, V-102, etc.)
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Dennis Kinlaw Resources (DK401-500)
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DK-401—Jesus Is Soon Coming
DK-402—Christ’s Life Within Us
DK-403—The Way of the Cross
DK-404—Live By Faith
DK-405—The Holy Spirit Posesses You
DK-406—Lose Your Life
DK-407—Weakness and Circumstances
DK-408—Walking in Obedience
DK-409—Becoming His
DK-410—Living for the Eternal
DK-411—Holy Symbols
DK-412—Trusting God With It All
DK-413—Possessed by God
DK-414—Challenge to Christians
DK-415—The Lord is My Refuge and My Fortress
DK-416—The Lord is My Refuge and My Fortress
DK-417—The Lord is My Refuge and My Fortress
DK-418—The Inner Voice
DK-419—An Introduction to Self Study
DK-420—A King Who Knocks
DK-421—Holiness Conference – Character of Holiness
DK-422—Holiness Conference – Living in Holiness
DK-423—Holiness Conference – Spirit Gifts and Fullness
DK-424—Holiness Conference – Life Committed to Becoming Holy
DK-425—Continuation of Galatians
DK-426—Walking With Christ – Walking In the Light Series
DK-427—Faith, Motivation for the Future-WITL Series
DK-428—Opened Eyes – Walking in the Light Series
DK-429—Obedience to the Father-Walking in the Light Series
DK-430—1969 Revival – “Revival”
DK-431—1969 Revival – What is God Like
DK-432—1969 Revival – Wherever There is a Disciple/Also a Cross
DK-433—1969 Revival – Calvary
DK-434—1969 Revival – Elijah and the Widow
DK-435—1969 Revival – The Three Crosses
DK-436—1969 Revival – What God Wants To Do In Us
DK-437—1969 Revival – The Seasons of Our Soul
DK-438—Adam’s Way – MVNU Part 2
DK-439—Determining God’s Will
DK-440—Jonah – More Than a Fish Story
DK-441—God’s Kingdom Is Eternal
DK-442—Something More
DK-443—A Call to Perfection: Mind and Heart
DK-444—The Right Perspective
DK-445—When People Turn Their Backs on God
DK-446—The Glory of the Lord will Lighten the City
DK-447—Pattern of the Christian Life: the Cross
DK-448—Holy-The Ultimate Word in Human History
DK-449—Conclusion from Walking With Him-A Study on the word “Holy”
DK-450—Are you Crucified with Christ
DK-451—We Are Controlled by the Spirit
DK-452—It is Not Enough to Have Met Him
DK-453—Why Start with Revival
DK-454—Don’t Shut Jesus Out
DK-455—The Wedding at Cana
DK-456—We Don’t Need Religious Experience-We Need God
DK-457—The Rich Young Ruler
DK-459—Psalm 16
DK-460—The Cost of Redemption
DK-461—The Cross We Must Build In Our Lives
DK-462—Christians and the Future
DK-463—When The Gift Is Truly Divine
DK-464—What Asbury is All About
DK-465—Our Faith Is In Human History
DK-466—Our Point of Reference
DK-467—Return to Me
DK-468—God’s Pattern for the Home Relationship
DK-469—The Lord Added to the Church Daily
DK-470—A New Creation in Christ
DK-471—Gifts and The Development of Gifts
DK-472—Essence of Idolatry
Planets revolve around the sun held in place by its gravity. Agape is the gravity that holds all that relates one person to another in its pull. As the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, find meaning, purpose and community in their relationship, so we, created in the image of God, reflect His image by loving another more than ourselves. The key to this love is that it comes from God’s being “in” us (John 17). That ontological reality means that even Eros is motivated by the care and nurture of another.

DK-474—Interview with Dennis Kinlaw by Sammy Tippit
DK-475—Does He Own You? (MVNU – Part 3)
DK-476—Evil Communications
DK-477—Let the Mind That Is In Christ Jesus Be In Me
DK-478—God In The Third Person
DK-479—If We Didn’t Live For Ourselves (MVNU – Part 4)
DK-480—Revival in The Human Heart
DK-481—Paul’s Missionary Message
DK-482—To Whom Has The Arm of the Lord Been Revealed
DK-483—What Does It Mean To Be Crucified With Christ?
DK-484—A Shepherd’s Concern For His Flock
DK-485—True Source of Enthusiasm
DK-486—Followers of Christ
DK-487—Personal Testimony of Denny Kinlaw
DK-488—The Mind of Christ
DK-489—Biblical Basics to Missions I
DK-490—Biblical Basics to Missions II
DK-491—The Importance of Spreading the Gospel
DK-492—Opportunities for Ministry
DK-493—Korea Missions
DK-494—Charge to Missionaries
DK-495—Don’t Condemn Christians
DK-497—Wellspring of The American Holiness Message
DK-498—Christians Are Different
DK-499—Changing the World
DK-500—Jesus the Light of Revelation
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