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The Francis Asbury Society is pleased to offer a large selection of messages by Dr. Dennis Kinlaw and others affiliated with the Society. We hope you will enjoy the ones we have prepared for you through our taped media resources. God has moved in miraculous ways at the many seminars and conferences from which these messages come. We pray that God will use them to minister to you as well.

Please note:

  • Each message has been given a permanent reference ID number that is necessary when ordering CDs and DVDs (eg. DK-123, JO-145, V-102, etc.)
  • CDs are $6.00 each, and DVDs are $10
  • Titles and descriptions are a work in progress and subject to change

Paul Blair Messages (PB100-161)

PB100—A Spiritual Nazarite
PB101—Healing Through Brokeness
PB102—The Next Step
PB103—Witness of His Glory
PB104—How to get the Blessings Back
PB105—Ruth and Naomi
PB107—The Progress of the Gospel – Phillipians I
PB108—Finishing the Race
PB109—Conflict and The Deeper Life
PB110—From Woundedness to Wholeness
PB111—Clean Hands
PB112—Seek His Face
PB115—Act 1
PB116—Being Compelled Past Yourself
PB 117—Consecration
PB 118—Being Filled with The Holy Spirit
PB 119—The Nature of a Priest
PB121—What is Worship?
PB122—Strange Fire
PB123—The Humanity Of Jesus
PB124—Who We Ought To Be
PB125—What is Your Next Step?
PB126—The Points of Consecration
PB127—The River of the Holy Spirit
PB128—Philippians 1
PB129—Philippians 4
PB130—Session 6
PB131—Overview of I John
PB133—Session IV
PB134—Devoted to Jesus
PB135—Wesley’s Theology of Groups
PB137—Peter After Pentecost
PB138—There and Back
PB139—Mary (*Video V438)
PB140—Ichabod – I Samuel 4:10 (*Video V446)
PB141—The Incarnation and Evangelism (*Video V429)
PB142—Romans: Worship, Sin, Faith, and Personhood – Part I
PB143—Romans: Worship, Sin, Faith, and Personhood – Part III
PB144—Romans: Worship, Sin, Faith, and Personhood – Part V
PB145—Christian Growth
PB146—The Nature of the Holy Spirit(*Video V447)
PB147—Grieve Not the Holy Spirit (*Video V452)
PB148—Update on Francis Asbury Society
PB149—Issues on Christian Growth (*Video V458)
PB150—Crisis and Process (*Video V462)
PB151—Personal Testimony-“What Am I Doing Here?”
PB152—Old Messes and Masters (*Video V479)
PB153—Leave a Legacy (*Video V485)
PB154—Challenges of the 21st Century Culture (*Video V486)
PB155—The Message of Holiness (*Video V486)
PB156—Presenting the Message of Holiness (*Video V488)
PB157—Revival Begins Just As I Am (*Video V575)
PB158—Role of the Humble Heart (*Video V575)
PB159—A Fire in the Pastor’s Belly (*Video V583)
PB160—Prayer 101
PB161—Prayer 102

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