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The Francis Asbury Society is pleased to offer a large selection of messages by Dr. Dennis Kinlaw and others affiliated with the Society. We hope you will enjoy the ones we have prepared for you through our taped media resources. God has moved in miraculous ways at the many seminars and conferences from which these messages come. We pray that God will use them to minister to you as well.

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  • Each message has been given a permanent reference ID number that is necessary when ordering CDs and DVDs (eg. DK-123, JO-145, V-102, etc.)
  • CDs are $6.00 each, and DVDs are $10
  • Titles and descriptions are a work in progress and subject to change

Ron Smith Messages (RS100-161)

RS101—You are a Kingdom of Priests
RS102—The Three Laws of Romans 7 & 8 – Part I
RS103—The Call of the Communicant
RS104—Sage Advice for the Shepherd (*Video V259)
RS105—One Day With The King (*Video V260)
RS106—A Tale of the Wounded
RS107—The Psalms: From Tragedy to Triumph
RS108—Service of Communion
RS109—Re-engaging the People of God (*Video V271)
RS110—How to be a Paraclete Person (*Video V273)
RS111—James 1:5
RS112—Titus 2:11
RS113—Isaiah 53
RS114—The Evangelization of the American Mind
RS115—Postmodern Culture and Transformation
RS116— (This was titled Three Laws of Romans Part 2 from Stonecraft but may be a duplicate of RS122)
RS117—Season of Refreshing #2 (*Video V330)
RS118—Season of Refreshing # 4 (*Video V332)
RS120—Convening Grace – Deeper Life Conference
RS121—Session V – Deeper Life Conference
RS122—The Three Laws of Romans 7 & 8 – Part ll (*Video V232)
RS123—To Be Holy
RS125—Walking Out What You Believe
RS126—Who Is Your King
RS127—Service of Communion – Corinthians in Conflict
RS128—Vital Spirituality-The Essentials for a Daily Spiritual Life (*Video V424)
RS129—Vital Spirituality-A Model for Spiritual Relationships (*Video V425)
RS130—The Holy Spirit’s Legacy of New Life (*Video V449)
RS131—Breaking the Bondage of Culture – Freedom in the Spirit (*Video V451)
RS133—Biblical Foundations for Understanding Our World and Our Place In It – Pt 2 (*Video V507)
RS134—Biblical Foundations for Understanding Our World and Our Place In It – Pt 5 (*Video V510)
RS135—Biblical Foundations for Understanding Our World and Our Place In It – Pt 7 (*Video V512)
RS136—Apostolic Power (*Video V539)
RS137—The Shared Nature (*Video V540)
RS138—Revere Christ as Lord (*Video V542)

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