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Restitution and a Box of Shotgun Shells

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(A true story, used by permission)

By Lane Loman, FAS Speaker

Tom Mix and Lane Loman

When I heard his name, I had a flashback of memories from my childhood when I would sit in front of the TV on Saturday mornings watching cowboy shows.

I met Tom Mix while conducting a revival at the Trinity United Methodist Charge of Clay City, Illinois. He told me an amazing story of restitution.

As a teen, Tom and a best friend walked into the local general merchandise store. His friend told Tom, “I sure would like to have a box of those shotgun shells!”

Tom told his friend, “I will get them for you.” Tom stole the box of shells.

After high school, Tom joined the Army and found himself in Viet Nam. While “in country” he faced death three times, but survived.

When he arrived home, he began attending church. His pastor was a strong preacher of the Word who believed in revivals.

During a revival, the evangelist preached a strong message on being sure you are “right” with the Lord. Tom said he went to the altar twice during the meeting just to make sure. He came back the third night and the burden was still there! He couldn’t understand why. When he walked into the church, he saw a box of shotgun shells on the altar, but he was the only one who saw them. That night he went forward, again, and promised God he would make things right.

The next day, Tom went to the store, walked up the stairs to the office and told his story to Mr. Murvin, the store owner. Mr. Murvin graciously told Tom not to worry about it.

Tom said, “Oh no, I have to do this!” He paid for the shells and the “load was lifted.”

Tom and Mr. Murvin became beloved friends until the day the store owner died. Tom said, as he looked into the casket of his friend, “I am so glad I made it right with you—and God.”

It was great meeting the non-cowboy version of Tom Mix!

Guatemala Report – March 2018

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By David Harriman

The trip to Guatemala (February 27-March 4) was blessed of God! We were able to share the Good News in six different prisons. The events were held in auditoriums, a basketball court, outdoors, and even in a confined area. The prison population varied from 1,000 to over 4,000.

The inmates come from all walks of life and have stories to tell. Each inmate carries heartaches, sorrows, loneliness, and rejection. But, oh what a difference Christ makes! Between 300 and 400 sought him! Praise the Lord!

John Schmid, a professional singer and guitarist, did an outstanding job with the music. I am also grateful to Cesar Rivas, a chaplain, who made it possible for us to enter these prisons. Cesar’s mother lent us her car so that we could reach these places.

Pray that these inmates will remain strong in the faith. There is an active follow-up program led by pastor Cesar for the inmates that have been born again.

We wish we could share photos of the meetings. However, no cameras or phones were allowed in the prisons.

Thank you for your continual interest and support in our lives and ministry. It is greatly appreciated.

In His service,
Dave and Karol

David Harriman Ministries
P.O. Box 1063
Mandan, ND 585545
(701) 390-6674

Come to the River in Texas

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By Daniel and Renita Koehn

At the end of January, we presented portions of John’s Gospel and music at Lake Travis (near Austin), Texas, for the Salvation Army’s Texas Division Winter Officers Council. The Army’s theme for this event was “Come to the River.” The speaker, Jim Van Yperen of Metanoia Ministries, set the stage for a marvelous four days of fellowship around the Word of God and opened wide the doors for God’s rivers of truth and grace to flow among all of us who gathered there. He spoke on the topic of “Reconciling Conflict in the Church.”

We praise God for his faithfulness as the Holy Spirit vividly brought to life the Word from John as Daniel presented seven poignant portions of the Gospel dispersed over the five sessions focusing on themes of Living Water and Conflict. God also ministered strongly through Renita’s songs, providing significant moments of focused meditation on the Word shared. The final worship service highlighted a unique and meaningful hand-washing ceremony as the officers renewed their commitment to give their lives to Christ’s service. The Koehns thank you for your prayers for their ministry.

The Fruit of Our Labors

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By Hubert Harriman, FAS Speaker

“Marta!” she said with enthusiasm.

I was in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, teaching an intensive theological education course, and I had asked the students to give me their names and a testimony before we began our study of John Wesley.

Through her testimony, I learned that Marta’s husband had passed away a while back, and her children were grown and married. She was alone, living across the street from the church she now attends. She sheepishly spoke of how she had been Catholic all her life and had started coming to church four years ago. There, she had found the Lord as her Savior. I didn’t understand why she was so sheepish about her background until later.

Pastor Raymond and wife with Allshouses

Pastor Raymond and his wife with the Allshouses

Bill and Lydia Allshouse (WGM missionaries in Mexico who were getting us around during our stay there) joined our study group for lunch, and Bill immediately recognized Marta. The Allshouses had moved to a new ministry location and had not seen Marta for years. They did not know of her conversion, and Bill was absolutely amazed! I understood why as Bill told me more of her story.

Hubert with students - Marta in cap

Hubert with students – Marta is wearing a white stocking cap

It began fifteen years earlier, when Bill and the pastor, Raymond, were working to establish a church and hold services. Marta and her husband lived across the street, and they did not like that a church was being built across from their home. “They would play loud music to compete with the worship time. They tried to hinder us in different ways, even getting the police involved one time. She was a difficult person,” Bill shared. Yet I met Marta when she was studying theology and drinking in the truth she was learning, and her participation in class was delightful.

Marta and the other students were working toward a cherished certificate, which involved many more classes, in an intense theological education program. The students taking these classes are both young and older, but all have a great desire to know more of God’s great truths and “to prepare themselves,” as Catherine Booth would say, “for what God had prepared for them.” Their lives have the potential of starting a holy fire in another heart, church, or nation.

I saw something of that holy fire when I preached in another church the following Sunday, in Santa Catalina. It is reaching many young families—more than the building can hold! What a delight it was to preach to them!

There is a long line of people who have allowed God to use them to touch lives in their communities. They are making a difference day in and day out, year after year, people like Marta’s pastor (who finally reached her for Jesus) and the Allshouses, people who have been faithful in their calling to serve where God has placed them. As a visiting teacher and preacher, I was blessed just to enjoy the fruit of their labors. It was wonderful!

(This story was written by Hubert Harriman, who with his wife, Sarah, witnessed these things in their trip to Mexico in January 2018, as Hubert ministered in teaching and preaching.)

We Are Responsible

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By Lane Loman, FAS Speaker

In 2002, Dr. Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, and Dr. James O. Davis, an Assembly of God evangelist, met to discuss how they could establish a network connecting church leaders and pastors from all over the world to reach one billion people with the gospel by 2030. At that meeting, Dr. Bright asked Dr. Davis two questions.

First, he asked, “What is life’s greatest opportunity?”

Dr. Davis responded, “To know Jesus Christ!”

Dr. Bright then asked, “What is the greatest privilege you have in life?”

Dr. Davis responded, “Let me go home and pray about that.”

Dr. Bright said, “You don’t have to pray about it. The greatest privilege you have is to share Jesus with others.”

The Global Church Network was founded by Dr. Bright and Dr. Davis, and since 2002, has hosted the Synergy Conference every other year in Orlando, Florida. Synergize 2018, January 23–25, featured national and international church presenters focusing on the theme, “Game-changing Strategies for Victory.” Coach Lou Holtz was the keynote speaker on Wednesday.

speakersAs a volunteer participant at the conference, I had the privilege of transporting speakers from the airport to the conference venue. On Monday, the eve of the conference, I was asked to pick up Rev. Bishwa Dev Khadka from Nepal. He arrived at the Orlando Airport after 24 hours of travel starting in Kathmandu, Nepal. Wednesday morning, during the conference, Bishwa was interviewed by Dr. Davis. Only 1.5 million of the 33 million Nepalese people are Christian. In July of 2018, under Bishwa’s leadership, and with financial assistance of the Global Church Network and the Synergize 2018 attendees, an initiative will be launched to plant 21,000 churches in the 20,000 mountain villages in Nepal by 2028. I was moved by the presentation and response of those in attendance who committed themselves to pray and help underwrite the cost of reaching the people of the Himalayan Mountains. The immediate financial commitment made during the conference was over $50,000.

This conference was not just an opportunity to hear great speakers and enjoy wonderful fellowship. The foundational goal established by the late Dr. Bill Bright and Dr. James O. Davis was, and continues to be, the completion of the Great Commission. That theme was woven throughout the Synergize 2018 sessions. Along with the thought-provoking and emotion-packed sermons presented, I came away from this conference with a renewed sense of responsibility for the unsaved around the world and the need for strong, deep spirituality in the corporate body of Christ if the Great Commission mandate is to be accomplished.

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matthew 28:19–20 NIV)

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