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Bolivia – Sept 2017

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Dear Friends and Family,

God’s richest blessings to each of you and your families!

What a response as the Word was preached in the Wesleyan and World Gospel churches in the city of Santa Cruz – Sept. 1-3! These growing congregations are located in the newest outlying areas of this fast-growing city.

I am grateful to pastor Arnoldo and his son Arturo (a third-generation Christian), who laid the groundwork so these special meetings could be held.

Praise God for 75 who sought Christ, and for the 100 who were spiritually reconciled! And praise God for the 20 children who also sought Him… one of these could be a future Billy Graham or a Luis Palau.

And what a delight to visit with my brother, Jim, who works closely with a Christian university in Santa Cruz.

Tentative plans are underway for 2018, where we hope the Good News will be proclaimed in Chile, Peru, Guatemala and Cuba.

Karol and I thank you again for your continued interest and support in our lives and ministry.

Outdoor meeting
Arnoldo Becerra and wife
Arturo Bacerra and wife
Praise from babes

In His service,
Dave and Karol
David Harriman Ministries
PO Box 1063
Mandan, ND  58554
(701) 390-6674

Travail in Prayer

Posted on| August 28, 2017 | Comments Off on Travail in Prayer

By Tom Atkins

Altar call - TAtkins_lrIndian Springs Holiness Camp Meeting is one of the great holiness camp meetings in America. Dr. Kinlaw was saved and sanctified on those hallowed grounds. It has been my privilege to be one of the evangelists there many times, but this year was different. There was a sense of urgency to say something that must be said to be faithful to God.

After months of praying and seeking God’s will, it finally came to me in Luke 22:44, “Being in anguish, he prayed more earnestly, and his sweat was like drops of blood…”(NIV). Then in John 16:21 Jesus uses the word “travail” (KJV) as in the pain of a woman giving birth. So, I surmised if we wanted God to do something miraculous in our midst it would come only if we “travailed” in prayer. The greatest movements of the Spirit I have seen in all my years of doing local church revivals came because those churches truly had travailed in prayer prior to the services.

TomA preaching - Indian Springs 2017 1So, my first sermon on the opening night at Indian Springs, was a simple, short message on travailing prayer. I asked all those present to covenant with me to travail in prayer for the next ten days, starting right then. God did amazing things that week. One preacher shared that it was the best camp he had been to in over forty years. One lady hugged my neck, with tears in her eyes, and said, “You’ll never know what this week has meant to my family.”

We will never know how much God wants to work in our churches and in our camp meetings unless we “travail” in prayer.

Don’t Let What He Says Get Out!

Posted on| August 18, 2017 | 1 Response

By Lane Loman

listening-earWhile I was preaching at Mt. Olivet Holiness Camp earlier this summer, a woman noticed her ten-year-old son, Dean, had folded one of his ears over and was holding it with his hand. She asked him what he was doing. He replied, “I am listening to him, and he has not finished yet.”

“But why do you have your ear folded over?” she persisted.

Dean responded, “You always tell me that what you say to me goes in one ear and out the other. I don’t want what he says to get out!”

May we all be like Dean! I don’t want anything God says to me to “get out!”

Say “Yes” to the Lord

Posted on| August 1, 2017 | Comments Off on Say “Yes” to the Lord

By Bert L. Jones

I enjoyed preaching this summer at Bentleyville campmeeting for their 150th anniversary. One morning during prayer meeting as I was kneeling at the altar, I was reminded of the impact of the camp meetings and this particular camp in my own life.

My grandparents and parents were active serving in the camp, and when I was 14 years old an evangelist gave a challenge to the young people to serve the Lord in the ministry. My heart was stirred that night, and I answered the call to preach. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I went forward and knelt at this altar and prayed. I told the Lord I would go anywhere and do anything, anytime he wanted. Little did I know then, that starting there, the Lord would allow me to pastor seven different churches in five states, serve in three mission organizations that would allow me to preach the gospel in 29 different states and in 33 different countries on five different continents. He also has allowed me to help write three books.

God will take you places on your journey that you never dreamed possible if you will just say YES to his will. I’ve enjoyed kneeling at this altar again each morning this week, thanking God for his faithfulness in my life. God is good. It was meaningful to pray at that same altar this summer that I prayed at nearly 36 years ago. I’m still committed to that simple prayer: “Lord, I’ll go anywhere, to do anything you want, anytime you want it. I’m excited to still be on the journey and committed to challenging others to say “yes” to the Lord.

Bentleyville 2
Bentleyville 4
Bentleyville 3
Bentleyville 5

The Camp Meeting Experience: We Need This!

Posted on| August 1, 2017 | Comments Off on The Camp Meeting Experience: We Need This!

By Hubert Harriman

As part of the Central Washington Holiness Association, Entiat Valley Family Camp in Washington state, like so many others across the country, has been a place of renewal for many lives over the years. Nestled in Entiat Valley on the more arid, eastern side of the Cascade Mountains, this camp not only has the beauty of location but also has been faithful to hold up the beauty of holiness for over 90 years. An “old timer” remembered when my own grandfather, Hubert Mardock, for whom I was named, was the evangelist there many years ago. And what is remembered most is how God has met with them over those years.

Kubas - WGM Japanese missionaries

The Kubas with Hubert Harriman

God graciously met with us again at this camp meeting (July 8–14). Children were ministered to by an excellent children’s worker, youth were challenged by committed youth leaders, hearts were moved by Brandon and Izumi Kuba’s (missionaries to Japan with WGM) presentations, and God’s word was readily received in Bible studies and preaching services. It had all the ingredients of a vital camp meeting experience, and I was struck with how important each of these are to Christian experience:

Entiat Camp - memories

Memories made: renewing

1. Memories
One cannot have a camp meeting time together without creating precious memories revolving around camp friends, camp fellowship, camp food, and camp fun—all loaded into one week of great activities. We need this!


Entiat Camp Fellowship 2017

Memories made: fellowship time

2. Messages
Camps like this are very purpose driven. They want an evangelist who will preach the Word of God to them and bear down on essential truths that make an eternal difference. We need this!



Entiat Camp Tabernacle

Entiat Camp Tabernacle

3. Markers
Camp meetings are places where people can find an altar that will mark them for the rest of their lives, becoming that marker that they will always go back to and say “God met me there!” We need this!

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