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During the 2014 FAS Renewal Conference, Sam Kamaleson, Jerry Coleman, and Stan Key reminded us that life is a gift from God, through grace, and that it is meant to be lived lavishly in spite of circumstances. Moreover, it is to be shared with others. In the final session of the conference, Stan Key pled with those in attendance to leave the desert of spiritual mediocrity, where many wander in circles year after tedious year, and cross over into the land of victorious and abundant life. As he called us to Communion, he said:

Lavish and luscious fruit is just waiting for us to go over and pick. Don’t let the giants who are camping on your inheritance scare you away. Let your appetite for the milk and honey of Canaan become so strong that your appetite for the leaks and onions of Egypt has no appeal at all. Beware! Many have enough faith to get out of Egypt but not enough to get into the Land of Promise.

God is the source of lavish grace for our lives. He provides grace in times of trial. Grace is part of his very nature, and through him we become channels of grace to others. By his grace, let’s live lavishly!

CD and DVD recordings of the conference are available in our online store.

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