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Restitution and a Box of Shotgun Shells

Posted on | March 13, 2018 | Leave a Response

(A true story, used by permission)

By Lane Loman, FAS Speaker

Tom Mix and Lane Loman

When I heard his name, I had a flashback of memories from my childhood when I would sit in front of the TV on Saturday mornings watching cowboy shows.

I met Tom Mix while conducting a revival at the Trinity United Methodist Charge of Clay City, Illinois. He told me an amazing story of restitution.

As a teen, Tom and a best friend walked into the local general merchandise store. His friend told Tom, “I sure would like to have a box of those shotgun shells!”

Tom told his friend, “I will get them for you.” Tom stole the box of shells.

After high school, Tom joined the Army and found himself in Viet Nam. While “in country” he faced death three times, but survived.

When he arrived home, he began attending church. His pastor was a strong preacher of the Word who believed in revivals.

During a revival, the evangelist preached a strong message on being sure you are “right” with the Lord. Tom said he went to the altar twice during the meeting just to make sure. He came back the third night and the burden was still there! He couldn’t understand why. When he walked into the church, he saw a box of shotgun shells on the altar, but he was the only one who saw them. That night he went forward, again, and promised God he would make things right.

The next day, Tom went to the store, walked up the stairs to the office and told his story to Mr. Murvin, the store owner. Mr. Murvin graciously told Tom not to worry about it.

Tom said, “Oh no, I have to do this!” He paid for the shells and the “load was lifted.”

Tom and Mr. Murvin became beloved friends until the day the store owner died. Tom said, as he looked into the casket of his friend, “I am so glad I made it right with you—and God.”

It was great meeting the non-cowboy version of Tom Mix!


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