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Sending out gifted evangelists has been one of the foundational ministries of the Francis Asbury Society (FAS) throughout its history. While technology and transportation continue to improve other forms of communication, face-to-face connections will always be a vital aspect of our ministry. Where there is an open door for proclaiming the gospel in person, itinerant speakers from FAS will go, as schedules and resources allow.

FAS speakers are gifted evangelists and teachers who proclaim the message of salvation and scriptural holiness. They come alongside organizations to lead evangelistic and renewal ministries, they embrace Wesleyan-holiness theology, they model a godly lifestyle, and they spread God’s life-changing message.

FAS speakers are available for:

  • Evangelistic Preaching
    • church services
    • camp meetings
  • Biblical Training
    • conferences
    • seminars
  • Worshipping
    • music
    • drama
  • Training
    • pastors
    • evangelists

For more information about our speakers program, please contact Jerry Coleman, director of Speakers.

Speakers on Staff

Linda Boyette, ministry staff member with Titus Women
Jerry Coleman, director of Speakers
Jim Harriman, director of Latin American Ministries
Stephanie Hogan, director of Titus Women
Stan Key, president

Other Speakers

John Adams
Ron Adkins (FAS Fellow)
Tom Atkins
Ellen Bullock
Allan Coppedge
David Harriman
Hubert Harriman
Bert Jones
Dan and Renita Koehn
Leroy Lindsey
Lane Loman
John Oswalt
Ron Smith
Paul Tashiro

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