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Spreading Peace and Hope in Spain

Posted on | December 4, 2017 | Comments Off on Spreading Peace and Hope in Spain

By Leroy Lindsey

KnL barcelona17As I was speaking to the leaders gathered at the beginning of the Paz y Esperanza (Peace and Hope) retreat near Albacete, Spain, I became aware that there were a couple of rows of people seated at the back, who were listening to someone interpret for them. We were in Spain. I felt at home using my Mexican Spanish. Most of the group were Latin American and Spaniard church planters and were listening attentively to me and to the Word being expounded, but I realized that group at the back were Gypsies from Bulgaria, and not all of them understood Spanish. So, I began to pause a bit, to allow the interpreters time to translate.

What a joy and privilege it was for Kay and for me to minister at that retreat! It was a moving experience as we could see the response to our messages on the need for integrity, a heart united, purified, made holy. Several of the leaders expressed their appreciation for the clear, biblical messages we were bringing. “Pastor Leroy, I needed to hear your messages on integrity and a clean heart. I had never heard it before. It will change me and my ministry,” said Rumen, the leader of church planters working with Gypsies in Bulgaria. “Integrity of heart and life is the greatest need for our workers here in Spain,” said David, leader of church planters in Spain.

Kay had one session with the ladies, and I, with the men. We witnessed a clear decision in many hearts to know and live in the reality of a clean heart. As we counseled with couples and individuals, as they shared their hearts’ burdens with us, we sensed the great need there in Spain, and our hearts were drawn with not only the urgency of helping to raise up a new generation of Christians who receive the biblical truth of the need for holiness but also the urgency of embracing fully the possibility of living in that transforming power of God’s grace.

LEL preaching 01
Lindsey n Guillen
LEL preaching 02
responding in Spain 2017


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