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Two to One: What the Bible Says About Marriage

When the culture has redefined marriage…

And the people are confused…

And the church is sending mixed signals…

Where can we find a fixed point to get our bearings and chart our course?

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Event Purpose

This event is neither a marriage enrichment retreat nor a political action strategy session. Its purpose is to equip Christians to boldly proclaim the value of biblical marriage while living in a culture in which marriage has been redefined. It looks to the ancient words of Scripture to help us find our way.

Basic Information

When:                March 24–26, 2017
Where:              The Hemlock Inn, Bryson City, NC (
Cost:                  $440/couple; $343/individual

To register, call The Hemlock Inn at 828-488-2885, or complete the registration form and send it and payment to:

The Hemlock Inn
911 Galbraith Creek Rd
Bryson City, NC 28713


Tim Philpot—Family Court Judge, Fayette County, KY

Tim and Sue PhilpotTim Philpot is a judge in family court and has been a state senator, a trial lawyer, and president of CBMC International, a Christian outreach. He and his wife, Sue, live in Lexington, Kentucky, and have been married since 1971. Tim has recently published a novel, Judge Z: Irretrievably Broken (see also



Judge Z-Irretrievably Broken-web


Judge Atticus Zenas has seen too much from his front-row seat in Family Court. As he struggles to pick up the pieces of his own life and protect helpless children, he is on the ragged edge of falling apart himself. Amidst the daily chaos of family court, Judge Z takes a journey of discovery to find that marriage is more than a legal contract – it is God’s best metaphor for his relationship of love with us. Is marriage “irretrievably broken?” The surprising answer is cause for hope.



Stan Key—President, FAS

Stan & Katy 2015Stan Key has been president of FAS since 2014. He is married to Katy and they have three children and six grandchildren. Before coming to FAS, Stan served for ten years as a missionary in Europe and for 18 years as pastor of an independent church in Albany, New York. Stan also serves as Spiritual Dean for the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS). He speaks frequently in churches, conferences, retreats, and camps both here and abroad. Stan is the author of The Last Word (Warner Press, 2015), a study on the book of Revelation, and Marriage Matters (Francis Asbury Press, 2017).

Marriage Matters cvr page-web


While many have urged us to think about marriage psychologically, sociologically, economically, biologically, anthropologically, and historically, few help us think about it in the most important manner of all: theologically (biblically). To try to understand marriage without referencing God makes as much sense as studying aviation without making mention of the Wright brothers! Therefore, in this book, Stan Key examines the biblical roots of civilization’s most significant institution.



Day One

2:00 p.m. Check-in
5:00 p.m. Orientation and get acquainted
Welcome & Introduction
6:30 p.m. Dinner
7:30 p.m. Session 1

Day Two

8:30 a.m. Breakfast
9:30 a.m. Session 2
10:45 a.m. Break
11:15 a.m. Session 3
Questions & Answers?
12:30 p.m. Free Time (lunch on your own)
5:00 p.m. Session 4
6:30 p.m. Dinner
7:30 p.m. Session 5

Day Three

8:30 a.m. Breakfast and Check-out
9:30 a.m. Session 6
10:45 a.m. Break
11:15 a.m. Session 7
Questions & Answers?
12:30 p.m. Departure


Sessions may change depending on the audience and guest speakers.

Session 1—Marriage: Irretrievably Broken?
By Tim Philpot

The death of marriage has tragic consequences. On a cultural level, it is well proven that families and their children thrive best in a married two-parent home. On a deeper spiritual level, marriage is God’s greatest metaphor for our intended relationship with him. Our ability to understand the love of God is diminished as we lose the concept of sacred marriage.

Session 2—Four Weddings in the Bible (Part One)
By Stan Key

The Bible uses many metaphors to describe the richness of salvation offered us in Jesus Christ, but one of the primary images is that of marriage. In this session, Stan Key examines the weddings in Eden (the original prototype) and Sinai (where God entered into a covenant relationship with Israel).

Session 3—Four Weddings in the Bible (Part Two)
By Stan Key

The Bible uses many metaphors to describe the richness of salvation offered us in Jesus Christ, but one of the primary images is that of marriage. In this session, Stan examines the wedding in Cana (where Jesus launched his public ministry) and the wedding of the Lamb (the end of human history).

Session 4—Does Marriage Matter?
By Tim Philpot

This session focuses on the tragedy of fatherlessness, the dangers of co-habitation, the loss of child centeredness, the ease of divorce, and, most importantly, the sadness that God’s greatest metaphor for our intended love relationship with God (marriage) is disappearing from the earth.

Session 5: Straight Talk about Homosexuality
By Stan Key

In a day when many claim the debate about homosexuality has ended, the goal of this session is simple: to examine what the Bible says about same-sex behaviors. Being on “the right side of history” is not about liberalizing moral codes but about obeying God’s instructions. This study aims to dismantle some of the myths that surround homosexuality today.

Session 6—Never Too Late
By Tim Philpot

This session is a call to battle—for some, to save your marriages; for others, to start to speak out; and for all, to have courage to fight for families.

Session 7: Agape and Eros
By Stan Key

Eros and agape introduce us to two radically different world-views, two opposite approaches to life. This has huge implications for how marriage is understood and practiced.

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